Thursday, January 01, 2015

Cross Stitch Update

Lots of progress on this one, this week - that's what a week off work, with sitting around watching films every night will do for your cross-stitching, I guess! Next week it's back to the Angels (in fact, I have already moved back, but as I posted something else on Wednesday this week, my cross-stitch update is on Thursday - shock, horror) - probably only one more week of stitching on them, as I'd actually quite like to finish this piece and sew another little tiny Christmas one before I get out of the mood for seasonal stuff. However, I do intend to finish the feet of the green angel, and perhaps extend the frame of the border. Or maybe work on the bell-pull - not sure which. And I've made a note of which reds I need to work on the border properly next year!


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I completely neglected my Christmas cross stitch project this year, ooops, maybe next Christmas!

Lynne said...

Very cute! (Been out of whack with blog reading since we began packing in mid-February to move in April -- am only just starting to get on top of blog posts that are several month's out if date!)