Monday, January 26, 2015

Block Sets

There are still quite a few sets of blocks in my basket, though it's better than the last time I took an inventory... I've made quite a few sets, or partial sets, into blocks, though of course, I've also added some to the stash.  Here's what I have remaining at the moment:

  • 12" circular flying geese - 9 blocks, each in a single colour. These I am saving for myself, probably for a baby quilt of some sort. I had originally intended to make 12, but ran out of drive. Nine is still good, though. 
  • 6x9" birds in blue sky background - 42 blocks. I won these in the block lotto a while back and am still considering how I want to make them into a quilt. A straight set seems a little boring for such cool blocks. I might get around to them this year, if I can work out what I want to do! Again, though, they are blocks I am intending to keep - or at least, the quilt made from them wouldn't be a charity donation - I might use it for a gift for a friend, of course.

  • 7" black and white "windows" - 22 blocks. These blocks were inspired by a block lotto block, and used up lots of my 2.5" scrap squares. They will probably be used for a baby quilt (or two) for Project Linus.
  • 8" black and neutral strip blocks - 16 blocks. These will definitely go into a top for a Project Linus quilt.

  • 7" "Big O" blocks - 41 blocks. (Yes, I can't count.) These blocks are each a quarter of a larger block, so I'll use them to make a PL quilt or two, and there will be some for the orphans bag, too. Which is fine. It did help me to destash my browns, a little. Another one based on a Block Lotto block.
  • 8" green floating rectangle blocks - 15 blocks. Again, these will go to a PL quilt top.

  • 10" bordered 16 patch (pink and purple borders, only the pink showing) - 16 blocks. These will make a good PL top, it's just a matter of putting them together.
  • 10"  "Pieces of Eight" blocks in purple and brown - 30 blocks. I don't know whether I'll make one larger top from these or several small ones; we'll see. Probably won't keep the top(s), though, whatever I do, as they were a destashing exercise.

  • 10" scrappy log cabins with blue borders - 12 blocks; four each in three different blues. Definitely a PL top in the making.
  • 10" black with stripes blocks - 20 blocks. These I really like - there are a number of different stripes in the blocks - so I might either keep the top made from these or make a couple of smaller ones; we'll see.

  • (At the back) 9" log cabin with grey and purple borders - 18 blocks. I might make two small tops with 9 blocks each. Not sure why I have 18 - probably just made however many blocks I had enough of the grey & purple for.  These are destined for PL.
  • (middle) 9" log cabin with blue and gold outside logs - 12 blocks. A small quilt top. As with almost all of my very scrappy blocks, these will make a PL top.
  • (front)  8" Double four patch with grey & yellow. 30 blocks. Not sure what I'll do with these yet. Guess I'll see how much I like the finished product.

  • 8" scrappy strip blocks - 53 blocks. These were a descrapping exercise, and are in the process of being made into some tops for PL. The block stack isn't even in the main photo as it was on the sewing table...
  • 6" scrappy strips in two directions (no individual photo but in the centre of the top photo) - 43 blocks. Another exercise in getting rid of strips; these will be made into a PL top or two as well. Or at least, most of them will - not sure I can make 43 blocks work with no leftovers!


Needled Mom said...

It's so nice to see these come together as blocks.

Lynne said...

Oh my! That's a lot of blocks. I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of them all! Love the bird blocks!