Saturday, November 01, 2014

Rainbow Robin

Well, here's what those pink blocks were for - to finish up the last row of this very old nesting row robin - apparently I started this in October 2006, working on it quite regularly each month, until the last row, in July 2007, when for some reason, I abandoned it. Not sure why, just got put to the side and well, we know how that goes.  It started with the rainbow row at the top and then a row in each colour - I think someone else was deciding what to do with each row - can't remember the precise details, but certainly some of the rows are not things I would have chosen to do myself (like the baskets!). 

Here's the red block (the decision to do each month monochromatically was my own) - I think I like this block and may have to revisit it at some point.

The orange was obviously drunkard's path or something similar, though I've done very small segments - I'm sure there was a reason why at the time.

I think the instruction for the yellow row was to do letters - I'm not a big fan of letters (making them, that is - don't mind looking at them), so I bulked it out with something else as well. 

I've done free form roses for the green

and in the teal/aqua row, a few nine patches set in a wonky way, with the mermaid fabric as a feature. I have a feeling the recipient of this quilt is not quite so keen on mermaids now as she was in 2007, but I'm sure she'll like it anyway...

Baskets for blue, full of blue flowers (which are fused on and will hopefully stick down enough when quilted). 

Grandmother's fan for purple. (Again, not something I'd choose to do. Ever.) 

And finally, the new row of pink wrenches. I debated a black border around the outside, but I think I'm going to skip it, as the quilt is a good size now and I don't really want to make it bigger. But of course it will get quilted. Not by me, though, by the longarmer!


Vicki W said...

A finish always feels good! I think it's a cute quilt and I'm sure she will love it!

Sharon W. said...

You know that I am always ready to jump in with an opinion!! Well, in this case I agree with you about no border. BUT I would like the binding to consist of random strips of the colors in the blocks. There I said it.

Needled Mom said...

What a fun quilt. I'm glad you finished it up.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the rainbow did a great job!