Monday, November 17, 2014

More round robins

There seem to be more ATCs and less sewing in my life lately - or perhaps not, but it sometimes feels that way. Just so busy, all the time!  And ATCs are often quite quick to do, especially the round robins, where you only work on a small part of the card, not a finished card...  This one is very 3D, which is why it hasn't scanned too well - and actually, apparently the cherub (added by person 2) broke a little in transit, and person 3 glued it back together - the effect is nice, though, as the cracks make it seem sort of vintage...

This one, I don't seem to have a scan of the original, which was just the background and the "bliss" ticket, but I do like the finished version. All the cards had different photos, but were otherwise similar.

And finally, this paisley card, which has gone all masquerade - good fun!

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