Monday, June 02, 2014

Neutral with purple

Yesterday I had another sewing day, so I hopped over to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and tried to work out from the background colour, what the colour would be (didn't see the post where the colour is actually described as Golden Yellow) - the background, on my computer screen at least, looks like tan fading into pale cream, so I decided to go with neutrals.  Oh well, still time for yellow later this month!

I pulled out my two boxes of small pieces in neutrals and first sorted them out...

...into white backgrounds, very pale neutrals, darker ones, a couple which need to go in the black box (black and white prints which are more black than white) and so on.

Here they are neatly sorted!

In the end, I decided to work with two larger pieces of darker neutrals, with a bit of greyish purple in them, so pulled out some corresponding purples to use as well.  I then raided my small collection of hand-dyed solids to find some more tans and taupes to work in the project and the result was the blocks at the top. I think they work really well, though of course, I've had the usual problem trying to photogarph anything purple!  I actually have twice as many blocks as in the photo - there are two of each purple.


Marei said...

These came out really nice. I like how the lighter tan just kind of fades away in the corners.

ruthsplace said...

Wouldn't have thought of that colour combination myself, but it looks great. Love the blocks.

Needled Mom said...

They look great. Why is it that purples are always so hard to photograph?