Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fabric in

Went to Sandown today (National Quilt Championships), which, despite the official name, is actually a fairly small show, but it's local to me and I was collecting a quilt as a favour for a friend, so it made a nice afternoon. I looked at some quilts, and bought some fabric - it's only the 2nd time this year I've bought fabric (first was at Farnham Maltings in January), so I don't really feel guilty about it!  And I've been making good progress working through some stash stuff.  Most of these fabrics were sale price, though the amazing Alexander Henry Day of the Dead Tarot Card style fabric at front here, wasn't. Had to buy some anyway, though. The owls and birdies are both 60" wide fabrics, so I may use them as backings.

Loved these orange themed fabrics - the girl cutting said they'd sold loads of the fabric (which also comes in a pale background for the one with writing and a pale background with oranges, like the black one I bought.) 

And indulged in some FQ sets which were on sale, including an 8 pack of WOW (white on white) which I use a lot of, and often run out of.

And a few Moda FQ packs, which weren't particuarly on sale, but which I liked anyway. 


sewkalico said...

In order to use your stash you often have to inject some new stuff in! Otherwise where's the fun?!?

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I was there too, but didn't see you, there were done good value fabrics!