Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pile of tops

I was thinking today about the sets of blocks I have (many of which I will try to make into tops over my Easter holidays) and then remembered that I have several stacks of tops already waiting to be given away. This is a stack for general giving away (which I'll do again in a month or so - just did one recently, so I'm not ready to do it again so soon), but there is also another stack waiting for a specific person/organisation. Perhaps I should trawl the web for places that might want unquilted tops - I know there are tons of them in the US, but ideally I'd like some in the UK.  Cheaper postage that way!

1 comment:

Lyndsey said...

Project Linus (UK) will take unquilted tops and there are local representatives you can contact who will collect if you have a few to pass on.