Saturday, March 01, 2014

Bye-bye hand-dyes

Ok, not really. I have a large box of hand-dyes. It's smaller than it used to be, and doesn't include very large pieces, or fabrics that are just essentially solids (but in a hand-dyed way), which are in another box.

But it was still totally packed - you can see that the box sides are bulging.  So I made some blocks (see top photo) - there are a lot more of them than in the photo, about 40 (42?), and they are 10" square. Each one uses a different hand-dyed or painted fabric. I tried to use smaller pieces, which wouldn't be useful for much else. Did I make a dent in the box? 

Well, it still looks pretty full, but I think you can see a difference!


Vicki W said...

I like those blocks a lot and I think you made a good dent!

Marei said...

Another 400-500 or so 10" blocks and it looks like your box will just about be empty.....based on a totally non-scientific guesstimation calculated from viewing your box pictures :)

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Wow, Kate! :O) I thought you churned it out before you got your job, but it does not seem to have slowed you at all!