Monday, July 08, 2013

Fabric postcard giveaway

1) Spiderweb

I used to make rather a lot of fabric postcards, and for various reasons, have accumulated some extras - these are beyond any I may have made and mailed to myself.  I don't really need these, so I've decided to give them away to any blog readers who comment. (I'll draw names as necessary if I have too many people interested). Happy to post anywhere - I will be in the US this summer so can easily mail to that part of the world cheaply.  If you are interested, leave a comment saying which card(s) you like. I'll work it all out sometime between now and the end of July...

2) zigzag

3)Oriental lantern

4) brown and green

5) sunshine (this one didn't photograph well - it's a sun made using angelina and sheer fabric with stitching)

6) recycled (again, bad photo - all materials are reused, including clothing scraps, a bit of tin can, stamp, ribbon, button)

7) zigzag with buttons

8) silver & gold (again, hard to photograph - the flash on photo showed nothing at all beyond a glare!)

9) flower vase


Fiesta said...

They are all wonderful but the flower vase one catches my eye

Marei said...

Love your postcards, Kate. Brown and Green really catches my eye, as does Zig Zag with Buttons, and Zig Zag. Thanks, as always, for the chance to win.

Cindy Is Crafty said...

Oooooo...count me in! :O) Love them all!

Doreen said...

Yes please, Kate. I like the Oriental
Lantern and the Gold and Silver.
I don't have a blog so if I'm lucky I'll give you my snail mail addy

Sherry Von Fumetti said...

These are adorable! I especially like the 'Brown & Green,' 'Gold & Silver,' and 'Sunshine' postcards. Thanks for the giveaway.