Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cross-stitch update

Good progress this week - you can see quite a change in the lower left window and greenery. Always nice to have visible progress....

Next week, it's time for something different; I have decided to put away the Winter cross-stitch for the moment - partly because I'm tired of winter - but mainly because it's too frustrating to have two large, intricate pieces on the go at once and I need to make my second piece something either smaller or more simple, with larger blocks of single colours, etc  - or maybe an alphabet sampler - something totally different, at any rate. The whole point of having a second piece is to feel like I'm having a break when I switch and the two projects I have on the go at the moment are too alike in the type of attention they require of me - too many similar colours and too much blending, etc.   Anyway, watch this space, but expect something completely different!


Needled Mom said... did make great progress on it this week. It looks beautiful too.

Angela said...

Have really enjoyed watching your progress on this piece, but will look forward to seeing what your new project will be :)