Friday, September 16, 2011

Giveaway results!

Finally, the much (perhaps) awaited results of my pattern giveaway. Thanks to everyone interested - glad to see the patterns going to new homes where hopefully at least some of them will be made up. In a few cases, only one person expressed interest in a pattern - in those cases, I didn't use a random method to choose winners, but in the other cases, I have rolled a dice to see who got what (there weren't more than 6 people interested in any of the patterns, so that was convenient). I tried to spread it around a bit as well, so one got more than one.

If you make up the pattern or get to a point where you know you never will, I suggest you take a leaf from my book and offer it up to someone else - share the wealth and all that! It's not required, of course, just an idea. And if you do make up any of the items, I'd love to see them...

Ok, without further ado, here goes - the pattern with the winner. I will try to email you as well, but if you don't hear from me, do get in touch.

Screen play: Lynne.

house bag: Gill

Takeout box: Plum

You Are Special: Caroline

St Nicholas Doll: Penny

Penguin Parade: no takers (anyone interested?)

Cute as a Button: Peggy

A Cat for All Seasons: Narelle

Twisted Blues: Kirsty (Kirsty, I can't email you as your blogger options are set to no-reply - I will try to leave a comment on your blog if I don't hear back from you soon)

Dawn to Dusk: Jay

Paris Cafe - Kathy

Thanks again for all the interest - I could just send these to a charity shop, but I think they'd simply languish - at least this way, they stand a chance of being used!


Jay said...

Thanks, Kate...I've sent you my address and am looking forward to getting the pattern...this is such a good idea...a way to "recycle" or at least make use of patterns I have gobs myself that I thought at the time I loved but have not gotten around to!!!

Lynne said...

Is the Lynne me? Or am I getting a bit too excited?

I'd like the penguins if no one has claimed them - my sister collects penguins so I'll make them up for her!

Caroline said...

Kate, I just wanted to thank you for the pattern andf let you know I received it about a week ago.

Caroline said...

Kate, I just wanted to drop you a thank you. I received the pattern about a week ago.