Saturday, July 09, 2011

More Red, White & Blue

Amazingly enough, another Red, White & Blue Scrappy. This one is mostly blue, because I have lots of blue (like every other quilter I know). It looks wonky because it's not quite sewn together all the way yet - just in strips. I started out with blocks like this:

using whatever was in my small scraps - each block takes a 2" square of white , then the second round is 2x2" and 2x3.5" and the third round is 2x3.5" and 2x5" - which means I could use five inch squares up for the outer round (though for the red in particular, I also used some strips from stash).

Foolishly, when I made the blocks I decided to do half w/r/b and half w/b/r, forgetting than in an on point setting I would need more of one colour - hence the somehwat untraditional arrangement. But it works, I think. And it makes yet another (admittedly rather small) dent in my scraps.

Blue drawer before cutting

Blue drawer after cutting. Ok, there's a noticeable dent, but it's not big - and of course, there were some offcuts into the scrap basket!


sewkalico said...

Very cute! And even cuter toes!

Sarah Craig said...

I really like this one, Kate! Very neat!!

darcey said...

I chose a scrappy heritage squares quilt some years back with the intention of putting a dent in my fabric stash, too. I was astounded that I wound up with a fairly large quilt and very little change in the amount of fabric in my stash. Keep trying!:)

Lynne said...

My favourite colour is purple and my second is red. DD's favourite colour is blue so when we came to make our first quilt (36" x 36") for Grandson #1 we bought six yards of blue fabric and one yard of yellow! We also made our second quilt (50 inch square) and the backing from those seven fabrics plus five more (blue and purple) and still I have blue fabric left - I wonder why! LOL