Friday, July 22, 2011

Giveaway reminder!

Just a reminder to all my readers that I have two copies of the above booklet to give away, if you'd like to leave a comment on my blog telling me which of my recent projects has been your favourite (or which you've enjoyed) - and if you like, why, but that's not required. More details here in the original post about the giveaway.

In addition, I have a copy of the July issue of P&Q magazine and a copy of the August issue to give away to two runners up - I received two complimentary copies of the August issue (the one with my blog featured in it) and I only need to keep one; I also received by mistake two copies of the July issue - again, I don't need more than one! I'll draw winners at the end of July, or possibly a little later as I will be on holiday and don't know how good my web access (or desire to be online) will be!


Jay said...

Hi, Kate...I have been really enjoying your "funky" patchworks, crazy checkerboards,etc. series...I always like creations that are a little "off Center"!!!! Keep up the good work!

Lynne said...

How wonderful to have consolation prizes!

quiltmom said...

You always have some fun things going on your blog- I love some of the quilts in your header- the funky flower or pinwheel or twister not sure what to call it but it is very fun.
I love the traditional butterfly too.