Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Cross-stitch update

Not a huge amount done this week, as I lost two potential stitching evenings - one to watching Wallendar (in Swedish with subtitles, so I can't cross-stitch) and one to stitching down binding on the purple baby quilt. In a truly organised world, I would have quilted the baby quilt on Saturday (rather than Sunday) so I could have done the binding on it on Saturday night during Wallendar, but life doesn't always work that way!

Still, it's actually more progress than I thought it would be, comparing it with last week, so I'm happy.

The next two weeks (until the end of school) are going to be so busy in the evening, who knows how much time I will have, but even a small bit of progress is progress, right?


Sarah Craig said...

It's coming along nicely, Kate!

Lynne said...

Yes, I find reading subtitles and watching what I'm doing with my craft can be a challenge!

mumzy said...

Lovely so far and looking forward to seeing it finished. I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Angela said...

Every stitch counts :) It's surprising how much progress can be made even just by taking a few stitches now and again