Saturday, October 09, 2010

Knit & Stitch

Untitled, Alexandra Deutsch

Went to the Knit and Stitch Show today at Alexandra Palace with my friend Lana - frankly, if I'd known how tough it was going to be to get there (planned engineering works on both of the tube lines that run up in that neck of the woods) I might not have bothered, although I did enjoy the show. There were a number of pieces I liked quite a lot, though most of them couldn't be photographed. Here are a few that I was able to take photos of - the above was from an exhibit called Holland Paper Biennial 2010, which had a lot of interesting paper work, though I think this was my favourite (there were several by this artist in a similar vein, very organic shapes and nice texture to the pieces).

Ann Small: Anemone Rosa

There were three different anemone pieces in this exhibit (I can't remember what the exhibit was, though it was a group of different artists and featured a number of nice pieces). This one was my favourite of the Anemone pieces, though I liked all three.

And my favourite (probably) of the pieces I saw today was this group of slate vertebrae or fern leaves, or? sewn together down their spines. This was in an exhibit of work by Clyde Oliver; I can't recall the title of the exhibit, but there were a number of interesting pieces using slate as a basic material. I'd like to own these pieces - partly because they are lovely, but also partly because then I'd be able to touch them - I bet they feel great!

I didn't buy much - a couple of cross-stitch patterns and a handful of art supplies, plus a couple of presents - so I haven't photographed the loot, but I have stitched up half of one of the cross-stitch patterns already (it was fairly small), so I'll be showing that before long... A nice day out (though the show is getting to be really expensive, I think, especially given the exhibitor to vendor ratio).


Joyce said...

"(though the show is getting to be really expensive)"

It depends how you buy your ticket. If you can get one via a quilt or embroidery group it is a lot cheaper. I paid £8 this year and I think that is less than I paid last year. I tend to buy things that I could not get without paying postage if I were not there, and I suspect it saves me money overall if the ticket costs £8. The thing I do not like is the increasing proportion of stalls selling ready made goods.
Joyce F

Dahn said...

I like the Anemone Rosa too--that is very globular and neato.. I like looking at your pictures, since you like very cool things. (Are your canals done yet??)