Sunday, October 17, 2010

Canal House/ATCs

Another Canal House - only two more to go (and stitching down a few which are only fused at the moment). Think I might actually make the end of November deadline!

I also made some ATCs today - I've made a lot of ATCs lately, but haven't blogged them all as I thought it might be kinda boring, especially as most of them aren't fibre based. Today's were an exception, though - I decided to work in fabric and thread on these...

The swap was a pick-a-theme swap, which means that although there were only 4 cards, each was different - definitely harder than a standard swap, where I tend to make similar cards for all three or four in the swap. It's not that the actual construction takes longer, but the coming up with ideas certainly does. Above, the chosen theme was (have you guessed?) Sunflowers and blackbirds.

This one was sun, and below, kites or kite-flying. The sun is made with an Angelina base, with stitching on top; below, I have used Angelina as a background over the blue fabric.

Although it scans better than it photographs, it's still really hard to get the effect of Angelina if you can't see it in person.

Finally, Summer Treats (e.g. ice cream, etc) - no idea what flavour these ice creams might be, but I'm sure they are yummy.

Anyone interested in seeing (some of) the ATCs I've been making lately, I have a Flickr Set of ones currently available to swap...


mumzy said...

How busy you are. Lovely ATCs.

Odile said...

Wonderfull ! I like very much these ATC, they are very beautifull.