Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hallowe'en Cross stitch

Finished my little bird - now it just needs ironing and a little frame. Also started the next one, which will be this:

The start isn't very impressive, though those of you who do cross-stitch will appreciate that it's more work than it looks at the moment. Plus, I was watching telly - in Swedish, with English subtitles (the original Swedish Wallender, which we think is great) - so I had to look up a lot more than I normally do while stitching and watching telly!


Sarah Craig said...

Very pretty, Kate! Do you wash your cross stitch before pressing to make the stitches pop up?

mumzy said...

Great job on the bird. My daughter is a wonderful cross stitcher and I do realize how much work you have already done on your next project.

Angelcat said...

That little bird is sooo cute.