Friday, October 13, 2006

A creation in its proper home

Well, here we are at my mom's house in the US - I'm not doing any sewing, of course, but I'm sure there will be quilting and sewing related blogging anyway. Today, this is a photo of a wallhanging that I made for my mom last year - she picked most of the fabric, with some help - she found a feature fabric she liked and then I helped pick some accent fabrics. I made the wallhanging in three pieces with the idea in future I might be able to make new pieces for her to hang there. I've photographed the wallhanging before, but never in situ, so I thought I'd put it up - it looks really nice, actually.


Dormouse said...

I like that a lot. It looks really rich and opulent.

joyce said...

I love your color choices and the idea of a trypitch is great.