Saturday, April 05, 2008

Journal Quilt Project - Week 20

Well, I did manage to get my journal quilt done today, just. I decided that as this was a kind of scrappy, unfinished sort of week in the end, I would let my journal quilt reflect that. So I've cut coin pieces from my scrap basket, stitched them together and just run a few lines of quilting over it. I've finished neither the back nor the edges, and I think I will leave it like that, except that I will just do a quick running stitch around the edge to keep it from fraying and pulling away from the vilene stabiliser, which is what I use as a base. Anyway. In some ways I am very tempted to finish this piece more, but I'm going to resist, because it is a much better representation of my week if it's not finished, as a lot of my week hasn't been finished!

On the right is another (new, I confess - what am I like!) project - I need a new runner for the dresser in our bedroom which DH uses - there's one on it, but a) it's old and I'm a little bored of it and b)it would be nice to have a spare anyway, so one can go in the wash when it gets dusty. The dresser is a (minor) antique rather than your sort of average Ikea type furniture which is what we mostly own, so I like something on the surface to protect from general kid damage & water rings. Anyway, I thought I'd make some nice double four patches (such a great block) using my Japanese taupe type fabrics - these blocks will finish at 4" square, and I'll need 75 of them for the runner. Probably not the size block you want to use for a king sized bed quilt, eh?


Sequana said...

Is it just my eyes, or is there a difference in the size of the smaller squares?

Also, for this size block, what size strips and squares do you begin with? It IS such a nice looking pattern.

Anonymous said...

Your new project looks great. I really don't see why you wouldn't make it for a king sized

You can hit me if you want.