Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Day 11: Snowman

Well, we don't have snow on the ground (that would be unusual indeed in London in December) but it did drop below freezing last night, and thus there is frost on the ground and benches, and railings and the puddles were mostly frozen over on the way to school. The littles loved it, especially Alex, whose mittens were soaked by the time we got there. But as the mitten was already up on the advent calendar, I decided it was a good day for my wee snowman. Taking photos of things that are white and shiny in this light is so awkward, so I have finally settled for this photo, without flash, which is a little dark, but at least shows the detail - the colour is actually just about right on the photo of the whole calendar - which is beginning to look a bit less empty and bare now!


Joyce said...

The calendar is looking great! When my Australian grandson first saw ice on the water here he came running in saying "there's some kind of plastic on the water out there!" Too funny.

tirane93 said...

i've sure been enjoying the opportunity to get just a tiny dose of christmas each morning with my coffee as i look at your advent post. sweet of you to share with us!