Monday, December 04, 2006

More projects than sense?

OK, being me, I couldn't resist starting a new project today, despite having other things waiting for me. I was good, I did several postcards first, but all I really wanted to do was try out a block from a project I am going to do for a friend's birthday next year. And here's the block - what I'm going to do is make 20 of these blocks (which are 9 inches finished - those are 1.5 inch squares), each with a different colour batik/hand-dye, but all in pink, purple and blue, and all with the same cream coloured background. Then I'm going to set them on point, with alternating squares of the same cream coloured fabric. I got the idea from a magazine article (which is upstairs and I'm too lazy to go get it) which used this design as a way to use old ties in quilts - they actually cut all the pieces in 1.5 inch squares; I of course am strip piecing where possible. I think it's going to look great - I should go do a sketch in EQ5 to share... OK. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. The colours in these blocks repeat, whereas mine won't, though some may be similar. And I don't know yet quite how I will arrange it - might try to grade the colours from one side to the other, for instance. I expect the blocks will take a while to make up, as there are lots of seams to match, but I think it's going to look very effective.

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