Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Some new projects to work on when I get home...

These two pieces of fabric are hand-dyed - the result of a spatter class a friend of mine took. She sent them to me as part of a challenge with my surface embellishment group - it's a new group, an offshoot of my dye group, and as our initial challenge/swap/project we are each sending something which can be used in surface embellishment (for instance, fabric itself, paint, beads, angelina, or anything else) to two other people. Then with the two things we receive, we have to make a journal sized piece (i.e. size of a piece of paper) to show what we've done. The idea is to maybe try some new techniques and just to have fun. We have to use both things that were sent, and we have to use them together, but we can add other things or not as we like. I received the fabric and a package of foils with the appropriate glue, etc - which is great as I've been wanting to try foiling. I can't work on mine until I get home but I have some ideas as to how I might put them together. What I sent was some bronze coloured wax to one person and a package of those tiny tiny glass beads (so small they don't have holes) and complimentary larger beads to the other. Can't wait to see what everyone does.

This pattern was one my mother chose in JoAnn's (strangely enough, I found barely anything I wanted, for once) - she really likes the quilt and I do too even though it's cats - I like the New York Beauty style part of the body. I'm going to help her pick out some calicos to go with it, and then eventually make the quilt for her. It should be fun, and something a little different.

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