Tuesday, July 24, 2018

ATC Tuesday

These cards were made for a "pick-a-theme" swap, which means that each player chooses what their theme will be and everyone else in their group makes a card for them.  In this swap, there was an additional constraint - in my group we all had to use "junk mail" some way in our cards. I made a card with a cat theme - the cat was an image I found especially but everything else on this card came from an ad for a sofa shop except the dictionary text. 

This theme was "Cow jumping over the moon" - the cow I printed out, but the rest either came from the sofa shop ad or a brochure about (I think) veganism that I was handed at a Morrissey concert.

This card was made as a hostess gift, and the background and water logo came from my water bill, while the rest came from the brochure mentioned above about veganism.

This theme was angels, and the angel was an image I had in my stash. I used a bit of washi tape from stash also, but everything else came from a Body Shop sale flyer for a Mothers' Day sale. 

And finally, a sea monster theme. I printed the monster out, and used some washi tape and some shiny dot stickers, but the words and the background came from an ad; I can't remember for what.

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