Tuesday, July 17, 2018

ATC Tuesday

These cards were made in a swap with another variation on the "use up your bits and pieces" theme. The idea was that each person had a pile/container/whatever of bits - maybe stuff you found hard to use, or maybe just stuff you hadn't got to yet - and you pulled out a random piece and had to use it on a card. It was called "Lucky Dip".  I had fun with this. I have a little box of bits I keep on my work table - stuff which I auditioned and rejected but am too lazy to put away, stuff which I used part of, stuff which people send me in envelopes with other things and so forth. It seemed like the perfect thing.

The first card, I pulled out this little tightrope acrobat - he had been part of a French phrase book page - I used the words at the bottom but hadn't used him yet.   The background is from some offprints from one of Olivia's art projects. This is my favourite card of the lot - I almost kept it rather than sending it along!

For this card, I pulled out the green stamped picture of a house and stylized sun. This was from an envelope sent to me with other things inside. It was stamped on the envelope and I had torn it off and put it aside to use someday. The other bits are from a magazine ad, I think. 

I think this one started with the image of the stool, but I'm not 100 per cent sure any more. Not sure about the strawberry, but I know the butterflies are punched paper, sent to me inside an envelope of returned cards, etc.

This one started with the large flower image - larger images are sometimes hard to use on ATCs because of size. The hearts are from a paper bag from a card shop. The background again, is from one of Olivia's art projects and I think the words are from a magazine ad. 

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