Monday, February 12, 2018

Revisiting my Journal Quilts, week 13

My journal quilt for this week had,  perhaps, a predictable theme. I started with string pieced reds, pinks & purples and then just embellished at will. At the time, I had done a number of other Valentine's related projects, though most of them were done in advance due to the nature of swapping. However, this journal piece used some of the leftover bits from those swaps. Some of the images in it were from the free vintage images (from Vintage Image Madness) which came with my Valentine's swap, and the red foil is from my Valentine's swap chocolate hearts. Unfortunately, the first few hearts I opened, I didn't manage to get the foil off without ripping it, so I had to keep eating the chocolates... The sacrifices we make for our art!

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