Sunday, February 25, 2018

Revisiting my Journal Quilt Project, week 15


This week , ten years ago, my friend Cathi was visiting, so I wanted my journal quilt to reflect that. I used an old picture of us on the Seahawk, a boat our college owned, printed onto fabric, and two ticket stubs from Dylan shows we've seen together (recent ones - not sure I have any of the ones from 15 years ago or more!) And of course the theme had to be Tangled up in Blue, which is, if not my favourite Dylan song, at least the one which tends to keep showing up in my life's soundtrack... Plus using that meant I could just pull out blue stuff and apply it!

I was just chatting with her yesterday on messenger about an upcoming visit - in July - when her elder daughter will be attending a ballet school in London - she and I will get some more chances to hang out and catch up. Can't believe we've been friends for like 30 years. We are so old!

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