Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Trunk Show

The next in my series of virtual trunk show pieces. This is a really old quilt; it's probably the very first one I made when I took up quilting again as an adult (I did a little in university). According to my book, it's from 1999. Apparently the pattern was from a book called Easy Log Cabin quilts or something like that. Not a book I have any more, despite my enduring love for log cabins.  Anyway, here it is, pictured on my bed, and the photos below are scanned from my book. 

The quilting is very minimal, just straightlines down the blocks, but in a spiral to the centre of the log cabin blocks. I actually forgot I had this quilt, so it's nice to see it again (it's in a pile which are in Sarah's room). 


Plum Cox said...

Great quilt - and funny that you'd forgotten about it! Mind you, I'm the same, and I'm glad that I have photos to remind me about previous creations!

Needled Mom said...

I like the gold centers. It's great that you have a record of it.