Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Trunk Show Tuesday

So, after I posted about my little talk at the local library, I had some positive comments (thanks!) - as I am always looking for thing to blog about to make this blog an interesting place to read (and write), I thought it might be fun to do a virtual trunk show of my quilts. It's not going to be a tutorial or even a link to patterns (though it might sometimes be), but more, what I'd say if I was talking about the quilt to people who weren't necessarily quilters - just some info about when I made it, why, what inspired it, and any interesting bits and pieces. Hopefully it will be fun!

This first piece I've chosen because it's one of the older quilts I've made, which I still have.  Or rather, in the case of this one, I have it again. It was made as a gift for my husband's parents back when we'd been married only a few years - I don't know exactly what year, but definitely pre-blog. [Hang on, I do have a book where I used to keep notes about quilts I'd made, back in the pre-blog days...*]

OK, this one was a gift for Christmas 2001, apparently. I found it in my book, and I found a photo of it on my in-laws' bed (reflected in the wardrobe mirror). I wasn't a very sophisticated quilter in those days - these days I am much better with free motion stuff (though most bigger quilts, I have longarmed anyway). So this one is just attached together with stitch-in-the-ditch (between the blocks) quilting. [The reason it came back to me is that Geoff's parents are both now gone; when his mum died, his brother offered us the quilt back - she'd had it with her in the care home where she lived towards the end of her life.]

It's made with many different fabrics, including a variation in the neutral squares, and it's just two traditional quilt blocks, alternating with one another. 

Great for using up small pieces of fabric. I really like this quilt, and I'm glad it came back to us. We use it a lot in the living room (though as it's been washed many times, it actually needs a few repairs; I should do that!)

*Actually, there are a lot of quilts in that book which I no longer have access to - lots of photos as well - I might do the trunk show from there for a while, as those quilts won't have been shown on this blog before!


Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad it was returned to you. It is always fun to see some of the first quilts. This will be a fun series.

ruthsplace said...

Thanks for the trunk show!