Monday, May 02, 2016

Something secret

So, I was working on a round of the Cotton Robin this weekend. I can't show what I started with or what it looked like when I finished (though I have taken photos, so I can show it later, when the swap is finished), but I can show the fabrics I pulled out to possibly use (I didn't use them all). 

And I can show a little bit of sewing, as this really gives absolutely no idea what on earth I did, or even really which piece I was working on, though you might be able to eliminate some, based on colours.


Needled Mom said...

I just finished a project like that too.

Sharon W. said...

OK I am on duty with the piecing patrol. Those sewn units have two pieces, and the top one in a few spots seem to be about 1/4" smaller. (Forgive my american failure to comprehend metrics). So does that mean you have mismarked (OH NO) or it is going to be a strange block? I hope you can maintain a bit more of the mystery before revealing the final piece???