Friday, January 01, 2016

Project Linus Update - 2015

A round up of all the quilt tops I gave to Project Linus (etc) during 2015. Of course there are still some sitting here waiting for borders, and block sets waiting to go - but there always will be things in different stages of progress, with me and the way I work!  Look for more Linus goodies in 2016.  There are 48 - I've just counted.  Probably won't get near that in 2016, but you never know!












Sarah said...

What a great achievement, congratulations! How many will 2016 bring? Happy new year.

Needled Mom said...

Amazing work, Kate. I envision many being comforted by your work.

chemistafloat said...

I am so impressed with how much "work" you get done! How on earth do you manage it? Do you sew every day?

chemistafloat said...

I'm so impressed with how much work you get done. Do you sew every day? have a set time to do sewing. It's not just the quilt tops either....Cross stitch as well. I only work part time and don't get as much done.

Kate North said...

Chemistafloat, I wish I did sew every day. I don't, but luckily, I sometimes have big chunks of time on the weekends, now that my kids are older and I don't need to spend quite so much time directly involved in overseeing them (the positive side to having three teens!). Plus, I don't sleep a lot :)