Monday, November 04, 2013

Autumn Cross stitch finished

Well, this week I was a good girl and finished up the border to the Autumn sampler. Not a lot of work, just a little boring!  Anyway, finished before Wednesday, which is my usual update/switching day, so here's a photo of this now, and it will be back to my little sheep until Wednesday. Then, depending on how far along that is, I will either start a new one (I have the threads for the piece with the crow in it, which I didn't have before) or finish the sheep - it's only small, so I'll probably just finish it off before starting anything else. If indeed I haven't finished it yet by then anyway.  I have two more installments of the pink bird piece waiting for me as well - that piece is actually nearly finished - so I don't want to take to long to stitch those.  In a few weeks, it will be time to start thinking about seasonal pieces - I have two partially finished ones to work on - the famous Angel Nemesis (if you follow my blog regularly, you'll know what I mean) and a winter piece (Winter Wonderland) I put away last April as I was bored of snow.  I'll probably start another one as well!

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