Sunday, March 04, 2012

Feb Goal Roundup

I keep forgetting that we're in a new month (repressing it, perhaps!) and that means a goal review and new goals to set.  So, here goes - what was February like?

  • 5 Farmer's Wife blocks (hope springs eternal!) - didn't get any blocks done on this project. Partly this was due to being busy; partly it was due to not really wanting to work on the next block I picked out of the pot.  But you never know, I may get to it someday!
  • February blocks for block lotto  - done.  The month was a heart sampler, in orange, pink, cream and grey.
  • 1st Round for Cotton Robin - done. Technically done in March, but so what, it's done!  Can't show it, though I did show a tiny peek on my blog yesterday.
  • at least one charity quilt top (this time, using a .5 metre piece from stash) . Done. I made three scrappy tops: a red scrappy rail fence which used up lots of little bits of red, a green stripey scrappy top, and a free-form, stack and whack four patch, which also accomplished my goal of using a 1/2 metre piece from my stash.  
  • circular flying geese block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge (not sure of colour yet) - the colour was green; the block is done.
  • work on Cat Quilt some more.   Nope. maybe next month.

So. Goals for March:

  • 5 Farmer's Wife blocks
  • March blocks for block lotto
  • at least one charity quilt top (again, if possible, using a piece from the 1/2 metre stash)
  • circular flying geese block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. (Pink this month)
  • work on Cat Quilt some more


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like a productive month!

Needled Mom said...

Lofty goals and great accomplishments.