Saturday, March 31, 2012

March goal roundup

Time to look at my March goals - I know I've not done well with these, though I don't worry about it, as I got a lot done in other arenas, which balances out...

  • 5 Farmer's Wife blocks - didn't do any of these. I decided that I really like the idea of this quilt in principle, but in practice, it's not really me. I'm going to give it up.
  • March blocks for block lotto - done
  • at least one charity quilt top (again, if possible, using a piece from the 1/2 metre stash) - a couple of tops made. A scrappy strippy top (plus the blocks for another, which I will put together soon), and one made from scrappy HST units. Plus loads of scrappy log cabin blocks, which I have yet to put into a top (or several tops - there are lots of blocks!)
  • circular flying geese block for Rainbow Scrap Challenge. (Pink this month) - not yet, but it's on the list for the Easter holiday
  • work on Cat Quilt some more - no.
As I said, though, I have made great progress in other areas, especially in clearing out scraps. I've now made about a jillion scrappy log cabin blocks, and cut about 3000 2" squares - lord knows what I'll do with those, but enders and leaders projects loom, I'm sure.

So, April.  I have high hopes for April, as it begins with a two-week holiday. There may be lots of sewing, especially if the weather stays a bit blah. Still, I am going to be reasonable about my goals

  • April blocks for block lotto
  • circular flying geese blocks for March and April
  • at least one charity quilt top
  • two baby quilts quilted

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Interesting comment about the Farmer's Wife blocks...I did a red and white challenge last year that was all little blocks and I have started this blue and white challenge and I sometimes wonder what was I thinking... It is so easy to get swept up in the idea of these projects but when it comes down to it they might not be to our taste.