Thursday, June 10, 2010

More bloggy robins

Here's a few more of the blogger round robins - this is the applique I did on Julie's oriental quilt - and here's the finished quilt...

This paper pieced boat and lighthouse is what I did for Toni's quilt - this is a 4x5" rectangle, and it was only the second thing on the quilt - the first being the flip flops - so this was one of the ones I was most interested to see the progress on. And didn't it turn out nicely?

And this one is Amy's piece - I don't seem to have a photo of my contribution, which is the paper-pieced duck at the top and the squares next to it. The cute baby is hers, of course, and was the starting piece.

I've had lots of potential interest in the stay at home robin idea - which is great. I think it will be a lot of fun, and I'm glad there will be other people working on projects which I can watch the progress on! I've worked out instructions for two different sizes - 15x15" and 16x18" - haven't decided which one I'm going to do yet, but either way around, it shouldn't be too much work over the course of a year!


Anonymous said...

What super stuff! Think you will have lots of us beavering away on the stay at home robins thanks to these lovely quilts.

sophie said...

All the little quilts came out great. I really love the appliqué you added to Julie's quilt.

I am interested to watch the stay-at-home robins unfold ... and will play along, too, if possible. Life is so uncertain for me right now.

Quilter Kathy said...

They are all fabulous! I especially love Amy's baby themed quilt!