Thursday, April 15, 2010

Canal House B

I decided to take a different approach to Canal House B - frankly, I'm making them all up as I go along, so I think every one will be different. But anyway, this one was inspired by a sponge I was about to throw away, when I suddenly thought - hey, I could make a stamp from this. It was quite a soft sponge, so the possibilities were a bit limited, but I thought I could probably get away with making windowframes from it, and as it happens, I could. This saves me the effort of stitching down a number of window frames on this piece, as well! The water and sky (better photos of those later) are both single pieces of fabric, as is the house - again, a better photo later when the piece is dryer and I have the sidewalk and canal walk added in and the bits sewn together. I just wanted to show this in progress as I am trying to get my blog posts to publish automatically on my facebook profile, and I wanted to test if it works or not!


Kathy said...

The blog was there on Facebook, but too small to view the photos. I think one must still go to the blog, so it's kinda like a link.

Vicki W said...

I am really enjoying watching the canal houses come together!