Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A sewing day, at last

Or at least, a little bit of sewing amidst a day full of generally organising stuff - starting with a bit of a clear up in my sewing room, which it needed. Once that was done, I could start work a little bit on a few things that need doing. I started the first row on my second Nesting Robin (or rather, the second row, as the first one in the starting row) - this is the one where I'm doing each row in a single colour with black backgrounds - this is the block chosen for the row. It's a 10 inch block, so I am doing 6, each in a different red. I haven't yet decided if I will put a black spacer between the rows or not and whether I will attach the rows as I make them or wait until they are all done - I think I may wait and see how they balance, but you never know.

I also managed to make a start on the Baby shower swap for my surface embellishment group - this was the one where we sent each other things which we then had to use to make something. I received two pieces of fabric and some foils, so today I have sewed the fabrics together, then cut them apart and so on, until I was happy with it. I think I am next going to quilt it together into a two sided mini-quilt (it's 8.5" x 6.5" at the moment, I think) and then start working with the foils. So far, so good.

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