Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Seems to be mostly what I did today - not that I had a huge amount of time for sewing, anyway, but the hour or so I did have, what I mainly did was edge some postcards. I now have six done and at least one more quilted but not edged. Getting there slowly but surely.

This evening watching telly I managed to tie in all the ends of the table runner for my secret santa and to finish the binding and the ends on the one for my friends. So tomorrow I guess I will package up all the various secret santa stuff (in addition to this, I have a "bought" secret santa to swap with, and a smaller group I belong to always does a swap as well, so I have stuff for that to send - also bought stuff, rather than made - we are realistic about our time in that group. Sometimes.) and post it off. Which is fine, as the date for posting is 1 December for the one group and I think the 7th or 8th for the other. Plenty of time to spare!

I also started cutting out bits of fusible vilene for the next month of the Japanese block of the month sampler - this one is Mt Fuji in the mist. It's block five of nine, and was only supposed to be finished in 2005 or so. But hey, I'm working on it, right?

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