Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Nesting Row Robin, row 2

This is the second row (first instruction) for the nesting row robin (did one block yesterday). After finishing the row, I played around with EQ5 for a while and decided that the first row and this row need a narrow solid black row between them, so that will be added later, maybe tomorrow (though perhaps not as I have to run out to the place that sells Brownie uniforms, and who knows how long that will take). Still, progress is being made, and I will be ready for the next instruction on the 15th - now I just have to decide what it will be, as I've been chosen to nominate the instruction... Not sure what yet, but I won't pick a specific block, like this one - I'll go with something more able to be loosely interpreted.

As usual, it's interesting how the camera interprets colour - in this photo, the one red batik with white swirls looks much more white than it does in reality. It's probably a little unbalanced, but the white really stands out in this photo, while it doesn't so much in person.

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