Sunday, February 12, 2012

Red Scrappy Rail Fence

After using my tiny red scraps as enders and leaders for a few weeks, I needed to do something with the resulting pieces of fabric that were created, so I decided on a simple rail fence block, with the scrappy reds in the middle.  The dark and light neutral both came from the .5 metre pile, and although there is some left of each, I used enough to demote them into the small pieces boxes.  Who knows, this whole scrap- and stash-busting stuff may actually work! This is another for the Project Linus pile...and did I mention how nice it is to get into my sewing room and actually sew?


Lynne said...

I have had the chance to sew all day but I've been avoiding it because I'm tired! Funny how life is like that!

Plum Cox said...

well done you! This looks lovely - isn't it lovely to be productive? I just wish that my leaders and enders were so well colour coded or organised!