Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cross-stitch update

As promised, I have abandoned the "Winter" piece for a while and instead, stitched up some other bits and pieces. First up, this little birdie - he's only small, so he didn't take long to do - two evenings, perhaps.

So then I went on to this little sampler, again only a few evenings because it's only little.

And then I started on this larger piece. Not much exciting to show yet, but here's what the finished piece will look like:


Needled Mom said...

Wow!!! You've got lots of fun stitching going on there.

Angela said...

You have been busy with the cross stitch. That little bird is so cute, and I really like the wild flower design, will look forward to seeing how that one progresses.

ruthsplace said...

The wildflower design is very cool.