Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dresser Runner finished

Our original plans for today - to try to visit a lido (outdoor pool) near us - had to be put aside, partly because the weather was a bit dodgy and partly for Alex to go to the dentist, but I still managed to get some sewing time in, and my planned visit to the LQS (which is near the lido). In my sewing time, I finished quilting the dresser runner - I did take a photo of it which showed the entire length, but this one in the dining room actually shows the effect of the quilting much better. And a detail of the quilting - I just did lines across the width of the piece, with little seed heads, like grass plants. I thought it looked slightly oriental and it was simple to do.

The trip to the LQS produced the fabrics on the left - who knew there were so many Christmas/winter themed light blue fabrics? In addition to the blues and whites, where my stash was very slim, I also replentished my stash of greens. I am thinking, perhaps a little madly, that I will make two of these pieces - I really like the effect, and don't have a lot of Christmas pieces. I have a feeling I might be reluctant to part with the piece once it's finished! Anyway, I can use the all green blocks I made before, though of course the other ones won't be useable. I'll use the dark blue blocks and the blue and green to make something else.

Oddly enough, one or two other things found their way into my shopping basket - a copy of Quilting Arts for me - I haven't bought one in a while - and the other things for Alex and Olivia, who were with me. Normally I only buy them a fat quarter each, but Olivia found this great little roll of red and white strips, so I couldn't say no - she has good taste, doesn't she! In light of that, it didn't seem fair to make Alex choose between the two fat quarters he liked.


Vicki W said...

Oh yes, the new fabrics will be perfect!

black bear cabin said...

i LOVE that the kids are fabric junkies too :)
and your holiday fabric is gorgeous!!!
Nice runner...i think i need to make me one this year...of course, our table is round, so it will be a little different, but im inspired just the same ;)

Anonymous said...

The runner looks great, and really like the mini log cabin trees, very unique (wish I had come up with that)!!

Unknown said...

I do like the way the light squares in your table runner make the diagonal lines - very effective (stored away for future reference)

Gina said...

great fabrics that you picked up for the log cabin trees.

I don't think I could have chosen between the two FQ's either. I love the turtle fabric.

the quilting on the table runner is great. I'll have to pinch that idea for the future.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

ladybelle said...

That's a beautiful table runner. ON the quilting was that free motion? It's really nice. I'd love to try it.

Shasta Matova said...

The dresser runner looks great. I would normally avoid white with muddy fabrics like that, but it looks awesome. The quilting design is wonderful as well. I want to make one like that. I have to rethink my color "rules." The red fabric looks like it would be a lot of fun to play with.