Monday, August 17, 2009

Cloudhill & Corpse

We had another day out doing fun things today - Sarah went to tennis camp and the rest of us - including Geoff, who had taken a day off, and Stuart, whose last day with us was today, before heading up tomorrow to visit their mum - went to the London Wetland Centre. It was a lovely day weatherwise and we all had a good time. Tomorrow, I shall perhaps do some sewing.

Despite the lack of sewing on my part, I did receive some rather excellent post - my own quilt ("Cloudhill") from the ALQS3, which came to me from Lisa in Australia and which is absolutely perfect - and which doesn't have a great big shadow down it, unlike the way it appears in the photo. I have actually hung it in my newly painted toilet room, which is the perfect colour to set off turquoisey blues in the quilt.

The other thing is my own Exquisite Corpse, which I received from Emmy, who worked on the final section - the feet. The head is my own creation, the upper torso is by Nancy, then below that, Donna's section, with Debby doing the legs. There is some truly remarkable work in this piece and I'm very happy with it. I just have to now decide how to finish it off and present it...


Lisar said...

Hey pleased to see that Cloudhill has arrived safe and sound....and very promptly too which is encouraging....hope you enjoy it....Lisa

Dahn said...

Kate--that is so very cool! I have never heard of anything like this, and am very intrigued.

Lucky you to have this beauty! :-)


Emmy said...

Hello Kate
sorry about the words I wanted to add ,,TIP TOO,,
I just love the EC
I did not recieved anyting yet so we have to wait a little longer