Sunday, November 02, 2008

2009 Birthday ATC Swap

Ok, there seems to be some interest in this idea, so I'm going to open it officially - here's how it will work:

  • I will take approximately 25-30 people for this swap, regardless of when their actual birthdays are.
  • You will be expected to send ATCs each month to the people who have a birthday in that month - a list will be generated at the start of the year, so you can plan ahead as I think it highly unlikely that we will end up with an even spread of birthdays
  • You can send the ATCs for a given month out in one go or spread through the month according to actual birthdays, it's up to you
  • A reminder will be sent early each month as to which birthdays are happening that month
  • In your birthday month, you will receive a variety of lovely ATCs - woo hoo!
  • Most definitely an international swap - ATCs are light to mail, so the cost won't be prohibitive
  • ATCs do not have to be birthday themed (but may be, if you like)
  • ATCs can be made in any media - paper based, fabric based, mixed media, anything else you can think of...

If you are interested, please email me off the blog (don't leave a comment with your personal details in it!) at katelnorth at yahoo dot com with your full name and postal address and when your birthday is (you don't have to tell what year!). If you have a blog, let me know that address, too. For some of you, of course I know these things, but it will help if you email me anyway.

Here's who I have who have expressed interest already - if you change your mind, that's fine, too:

  1. Anna (UK)
  2. Joyce (UK)
  3. Pippa (UK)
  4. Wil (Netherlands)
  5. Margarita (US)
  6. Kate (me!) (UK)
  7. Pauline (Australia)
  8. Aine (Ireland)
  9. Jovita (Lithuania)
  10. Shasta (US)
  11. Monique (Netherlands)
  12. Elisabetta (Italy)
  13. Wendy (US)
  14. Julie (US)
  15. Sandy (US)
  16. Di (UK)
  17. Cindy (US)
  18. Carol (UK)
  19. Joanie (US)
  20. Leslie (US)
  21. Lynne (Sweden)
  22. Morning Dove (US)
  23. Norma
  24. Charmion (US)
  25. Ann (UK)
  26. Silvia (Italy)
  27. Marina (Italy)
  28. Kathy (UK)
  29. Ange (US)
  30. Joy (Australia)
  31. Sharon (US)
  32. Norma (UK)
  33. Sheila (UK)
  34. Mary (Netherlands)
  35. Leah (US)

...and that's it ladies - officially closed.


Cindy Is Crafty said...

Are they fabric or paper ATCs or can they be either?

morningDove said...

I'm going to send an email offline to see if you met the 25 yet? sounds like lots of fun.

Jamie W said...

Okay, I feel little ignorant for asking this but, what does ATC stand for?