Thursday, May 01, 2008

May reveal

Today we have a few more ATCs - again, 6 of this will go for the swap I am in and the other two will be up for trade later in May. These are sort of similar to the others in manner of construction, etc - I think I must be developing a kind of personal style for mixed media pieces - but I have changed the orientation, colours and the main images, which actually come from two different Altered by Design sheets - I needed a certain size, and some of them were either too large or too small. I have used German paper scrap wings with them - I will have to buy more wings, as I don't have many more decent sized ones - the only ones I have left are small. I do love them, they are so versatile. I have also used images of old tickets from a collage sheet from Artchix, a piece of pink lace, a flower transfer (the rub-on) kind, and butterfly and pink floral sequins. The background is a piece of ruched fabric from a dyeing swap, which actually, doesn't show very much, but adds texture where it does. And the backing is a piece of dark terracotta coloured heavy paper. Now all I need to do is print some little labels for the back of the two sets of ATCs and they will be ready to go in the post. They aren't due with Lenna until the 23rd, but I like to allow extra time, just in case.

On the right is some fabric I was sent as hostess gifts for the birthday block swap I've been running on (it's almost done - a new year will be starting soon - signups opening some time in May - first block probably due in June). The butterfly batik is from Lisa Jo and the three coordinating prints are from Becca along with blocks from the ladies, which are below - Lisa Jo's on the left and Becca's on the right. So far, I think Becca is the only person to send me non 12" blocks, even though I said any size or shape (it's possible I have at least one 9" block, I can't remember for sure without checking). Aren't they all really striking? Soon I will have to get out all the ones I have so far and take a photo of them together. Maybe next time I have nothing much to show...

But that's not today - today I have lots to show, as it's now officially May and I can show both my May bag for the BQL Bag Challenge and my block lotto blocks for May. The bag is insulated, so will serve as a picnic bag, and I decided that I would definitely keep this for myself, so I have used "good" fabric - ok, stop laughing, you ALL know what I mean - fabric which you really like and keep saving to use for something special. These are Lonni Rossi fabrics - even the lining - and personally, I think the bag looks fabulous, if I do say so myself. The blue squares are 3D and sit on top of the other blocks, sort of - hard to describe, but funky. And yes, there's a zip in the top. Plus, it's crinkly, which my kids love (it has a layer of mylar in it for insulation).

The block lotto blocks also look great this month - great choice of pattern by Sophie - purple and green Buckeye Beauty pairs. Often, I make blocks for the lotto but donate my chances of winning back into the pot but not this month - I really like these and am coveting them!

Finally, something else I got in the post today - the fabric for two rounds of the latest complex cloth round robin I am in. The fabric on the left is Kelly's starting fabric and the one on the right is Vicky's fabric after Kelly has worked on it (she added the printed ovals - you can't really see them except in the closeup). I don't technically have to work on Vicky's piece until June, but I will probably try to do them both next week so I can send them on to Wil to work on. Who knows, I might even manage to get to them tomorrow. Probably not.

[Just had to say, I think it takes nearly as long to go back and link all the appropriate links in my blog entry as it does to type the entry in the first place!]


Vicki W said...

Your new bag is awesome! You are really starting May off right. Great mail and great finishes.

sewkalico said...

Wow! Lots to show! The bag looks fab! (I was nervous when I initially saw the bowties and zip LOL)
Cool butterfly batik and great birthday blocks, it will be interesting to see them all together.

Anonymous said...

I LoVe the tote!

Lynda said...

I love the ATCs. They have such dreamy looks on their faces!

Penny said...

That bag is really lovely, I can see why you want to keep it for yourself.

Toni said...

What a great post! I don't know where to start!

I love the bag...and visited your groups site and WOW--I haven't been paying attention-how cool!

The all blocks are awsome! I love the contrast and the detail!

How do you find the time to do ALL these swaps and do things for yourself? Amazing!