Monday, August 06, 2007

Blogversary coming up

Well, it's my first blogversary in August (the 26th to be precise) and to celebrate it, I will be holding a little draw (well, maybe a medium-sized draw). I have 15 postcards to give away, each different, and all you have to do to be entered in the draw is to leave a comment some time in August, up to the 26th. Only one entry per person, no matter how many comments you leave :)

As we will be away in Ireland on the date of the actual blogversary, visiting our friends Cathi and Dave, I may even have Cathi draw the winners so I can't possibly be accused of showing favouritism (unless she comments, in which case, we might have to have the kids do it, or something!). If you do leave a comment, please be sure I can get back in touch with you- if you don't have a blogger profile, etc leave your email address (e.g. person at thingy dot com to avoid spam) or send me an email along with your comment to katelnorth at yahoo dot com.

I have an album on flickr which shows the 15 cards (ok, at the moment it shows 11, but I have 3 more waiting to be photo'ed when I get around to it and one more which will go up as soon as it's finished) - so if you like a particular card, you are welcome to specify which you'd most like to receive and I'll do my best to match you up if you are picked...

This is all just completely for fun, no skills required, so please do join in - I wish I could send something to everyone who comments on my blog, especially those who come back regularly and those who say really nice things (often the same people!) but I just can't - so I've been putting aside an extra card from a lot of my themes this year, and look forward to rehoming them.


Totty Teabag said...

There's nothing like getting in early, is there? LOL!
All your work looks good to me, so if I am a lucky one, you will find my address in the ArtWeMail files. Enjoy your holiday.

katepang said...

I love the postcards Kate. I have been thinking I ought to work on some of these myself - I'm beginning to think that I'm not artistic, so something small would not be too daunting. Winning one of your lovely cards (esp. Mudhills, Green and Brown or Circles!) would be just the inspiration I need. Love OtherKate

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Happy Blogganniversary..I'm making words up now :o) Hope you have a lovely trip. TTFN

zizzybob said...

A Comment

Well, you said leave a comment!

sewkalico said...

Well I always comment because I enjoy your blog and your cyber-friendship (hope being 'friendly' doesn't disqualify me LOL).

Happy Blog-a-versary for the 26th! Happy Holidays in Ireland too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday - that is so lovely of you to offer pressies. All you postcards are great, but my favs are Green and Brown and Black and White!

McIrish Annie said...

Happy blogiversary! I love your PCs and I'm intrigued by your doll! Saw one on another blog, hmmm two in one day, maybe that's an omen for me to try one!

Anyway,enjoy your vacation!

Susan Lenz said...

This post reminded me that I started my blog on Blogger sometime last August too. I first had a blog on Blogstream...long, stupid story...which has very little capacity to include photos. So, I just looked...the "official" anniversary is tomorrow! I'll have no drawing, however....I haven't figured out postcards or trading cards or how any of this works. So, happy blog anniversary to us both!
PS I just adore Flickr! This is just one more thing I learned while reading blogs. Everything looks so good presented as a slide show! Your postcards are amazing and have a dynamic look when viewed in this format!