Monday, June 25, 2018

Revisiting my Journal Quilt Project, week 32

I made this journal quilt in the same week I worked on a themed arch for an arch swap I was involved in, so I've also included the photo of the finished arch, as the text in my blog talks about both pieces.

There are parallels in the journal quilt to the arch, but it's not exactly the same - partly because of the difference in size and shape - and partly because some of the things I used on the arch, I ran out of. And one or two things here, I forgot I had, or I might have used them when I made the arch (like the red silk leaves). The large green felt flower came to me from Karol-Ann a while back - I think her mother or mother-in-law made it, actually...


Both the journal quilt and the arch started with a fairy printed onto a piece of turquoise hand-dyed fabric. I then added some sheer fabric over top, some green mesh, and lots of fibres couched down to make a sort of tree.  Once I had enough fibres, I added some paper vines and flowers I picked up recently, then finished the edges and then added lots and lots of embellishments - flowers, buttons, sequins, charms, and so on.

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