Tuesday, June 19, 2018

ATC Tuesday

These altered playing cards were made as part of a Pick-a-theme swap (the players each choose a theme), with an additional stipulation that you had to use an item of "trash" on the card somewhere as well -and the player could say what type of trash.

So, for instance, this first card was a Hallowe'en theme, and you had to use a candy wrapper. I've used a chocolate bar wrapper as a background.

This one wanted a cancelled postage stamp, with a flower theme overall. 

Here, the request was for a vintage theme, and the item was a paper bag. 

And finally, this one was a postage stamp theme as well - a woman on a cancelled postage stamp. 

This final card was a hostess gift, and I used a piece of filter paper which I'd received in another trash-to-treasure swap as part of the background, to keep with the theme of using up "trash" - though I didn't have to (hostess cards are always an optional thank you to the hostess for running the swap...)

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