Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Extremely exciting sewing, part 2

This one was a bit more of a challenge than the curtains. Our local park has a little mini golf, which is run by the Friends, along with the cafe. The council originally fitted it out, but over the years, one of the flags has gone missing entirely (inluding the pole) and one has been chewed up by foxes (but still has the pole). We looked into replacing them, but you can only buy sets (e.g. 10-18) rather than single numbers, so I thought I'd have a go at a cheap replacement. 

The 13 is a bit weird, as I had to make up the platic fitting which goes inside the flag to keep it rigid - with the other flag, I was just able to reuse the one we had. 

But they do ok.  At the moment, 13 is resting on a bamboo garden pole, but we are ordering a new pole for it - those you CAN buy in single units.

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