Monday, July 24, 2017

Cotton Robin: First Border

Once again this year, I took part in the Cotton Robin, an international Round Robin hosted by Julie in California. I sent away a centre block (more of that later) and in due course, will get a finished quilt back (mine will be a little late returning due to health problems with one of the ladies working on it; this is fine - it's only a quilt!)

We were asked not to show what we did while we worked on the round robin, but now that it's finished and the Big Reveal has been shown on the website, I can show what I did. 

So, this is the block I received in the post to work on: 

and these are the fabrics I pulled out as possible additions.   The block at the top, however, is how it looked when I finished and sent it on.  The person I sent it to would have added another round, and the final person would have quilted it. To see how it ended up, check out the Big Reveal on the Cotton Robin Blog. 

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