Friday, July 14, 2017

ATC Friday

I know I haven't blogged much recently; partly this is because I've been letting my blog slide a little, but mainly it's because I simply haven't done much sewing or crafting during the spring - so busy, and with all my Saturdays in June and July taken up with university visits, there just isn't much happening.And one thing I did work on - Julie's Cotton Robin - I wasn't allowed to show photos of while it was in progress. As soon as it's done, though, I will share some. I have hopes for a little work  in the summer, though, so don't despair completely!

Anyway, here are two sets of round robin cards I worked on - in both cases, I was the second player to work on them, so you can see what they were like when they were started, what they were like after I added to them and what they were like when I got my finished card back. 

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